Monday, November 9, 2009

Senior Bowl Run 2009

So I had my first race on Saturday! I was really excited about it. Friday night the kids went to stay with Lindsey so I could get up early and not have to worry with them Ryan was suppose to work but ended up getting off at the last minute so he ended up running with us. When I run during the week it's usually always with Tina and Lindsay. During regular running we always stay together and if one of us stops we'll all stop. Well we decided on race day that we would all run at our own pace. If we stayed together great if not then that's fine to. Here we are before the race.
We all stayed together for the first few minutes and then Tina left us! She's the fastest which is weird because Lindsay and I have way longer legs than her. A few minutes later Lindsay got ahead of me to. Ryan decided to stay back and run with me the whole way. I'm sure he could have went much faster but I'm glad he stayed back with me it was fun to run with him. Here we are before the race.
We ended up finishing with a pretty good time Ryan 33:10 me 33:11 he beat me by 1 second! I actually finished 5th in my age group which was 20-24. I was really happy about that!
After the race we went and ate Brunch at The Spot of Tea downtown. I love that place! They have the best food!

The rest of the day was pretty great. After Brunch I went and got an hour long massage, then home to get ready for a wedding. After the wedding and Alabama beating LSU we went to the movies. It was such a fun day!

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