Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

Would everyone like to see some Halloween pictures??

Yeah, me to!

Tammy has gotten this new high dollar fancy Nikon camera and so Halloween I gave her my memory card to take pictures with that way she could just give it back to me and I could put them on my computer. Well I guess she was side tracked half the night because she only took 2 pictures and they were of them coming down a slide so you can't even see them!

So we are having a Halloween picture do over tomorrow night! In other words mom is taking them to the fall festival at Nana's church and I'll be sure to tell her to take lots of pictures and I'll just pass them off as the "original Halloween night" pics! I know, I'm so clever!

In other news I'm running my first race tomorrow! It's the 5k Senior Bowl run. So wish me luck! I know I'll be able to finish but I really want to finish and have a good time. So we'll see how it goes.

Ryleigh and Tanner are spending the night with Lindsey and Brandon tonight. I think this is the first time Lindsey has kept them both and the first time for sure overnight. Please pray for her! I'm sure they'll be fine and if not it'll make Lindsey want to wait a long time for kids!

Sorry to ruin your chances for grand kids anytime soon Aunt Lisa!

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