Friday, November 13, 2009

Anyone need Saving?

I present to you Superhero Ryleigh Claire better know as Super Girl. She has many powers, including: making people laugh, acting silly, being dramatic, dancing, hyper, joyful, beautiful.
She also has many side kicks, Tanner, Gus, Boots...(and soon I'm sad to say maybe a cow).
According to her she can do anything she wants to. No matter how big or small the task at hand according to her it's possible. Which is what I love so much about kids. The words "I can't" are hardly in their vocabulary. According to her "She can do anything because God made her like him and he can do anything!" There is so much we can learn from children and the sweet innocence that they have.
Super Girl Ryleigh loves all things girly, bows, nail polish, blow dryers, makeup...because when your saving the world you should at least look good doing it!
I love knowing that no matter how bad my day may be Super Girl Ryleigh Claire will be there at the end of it to save the day! She always makes me smile!

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