Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This past Saturday night we had Paw Paw's 70th birthday party. Whitney and I had been together all day so we thought it would be a great idea to make him a crown and a sign. We stole (borrowed) the crown from Buffalo Wild Wings and made everything else courtesy of Hobby Lobby (which we did pay for just in case you were wondering)! I know he looks happy in this picture but I don't really think he was to happy about all the pictures we were taking of him. Actually for some reason we took a lot of pictures all night long! We are like paparazzi!Literally there were camera flashes going off everywhere. Here his Paw Paw on his throne with his glorious crown!

You would think with all the pictures I mentioned that I would have some better ones than these. Well I'm sorry to say I don't. I know I took a lot of good ones with mom's camera and there where even a few where Aunt Cheryl's eyes were open! I know, can you believe it! But all I walked away with from the night where these poor quality iPhone pics.

I think everyone should chip in $20 and buy me a small digital camera that will fit in my pocket. It'll benefit everyone. You won't have to look at the poor quality photos that I snap with my iPhone because that;s all that I ever have with me. Maybe an early birthday present from everyone??

You may notice no pictures where taken of Ryleigh and Tanner and that would be because they were not there. Ryan took them to see the Blue Angels in Pcola on Saturday and they didn't get home until late. Would you like to see some pictures from the Blue Angels?? Yea, I thought you would. Then please make a donation to the camera fund!

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