Monday, September 14, 2009

Time out

Ryleigh's school is having a book fair today and every child is required to purchase one book. It's for fundraising purposes and at Christmas time when they draw names they will give the book they purchased as a gift to the girl/boy whose name they drew. Of course you can purchase more books (as if they don't get enough of my money already!) So this morning I go to Ryleigh's school to buy her book. They told us you could get them out of class or just go in and buy it yourself. I decided to go get her just so I could see her class and thought she might like to see me in the middle of the day. I walk to her room and look through the window and I didn't see her in her seat. I looked to her teacher and we made eye contact through the window on the door and she busted out laughing. I was so confused until I looked over in the corner only to see Miss Priss in timeout!
Her teacher came to the door and said the reason she was laughing was because Ryleigh never has been in timeout before and is usually so good and she couldn't believe the one time she goes is the time I show up.
I have a hard time believing that she doesn't spend over half her day in the corner but whatever you say Mrs. Parden!
She was in timeout because Mrs. Parden had left the room to get a book from the book closet and when she came back everyone was in their seats and Ryleigh was screaming, loudly! She wasn't hurt or crying she was just screaming for fun. She was using "her outside voice inside."

I'm sorry to tell you Mrs. Parden but we are a loud family and almost always use our "outside voices inside!"

I made Ryleigh apologize to Mrs. Parden and she will also be in trouble tonight when she gets home. Nothing major but she'll probably not get a snack after dinner or not get to watch a movie...I haven't decided yet.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Tiffany - your blog cracks me up and I always look forward to the new adventures in your lives.
Please do not punish Ryleigh for using her "outside" voice inside, as you stated, she gets it honest!
They are both so adorable and they are growing up way too fast!
Mrs. DeLayne