Friday, September 11, 2009

Knee Boarding

When I did the post from labor day I forgot to mention that Ryleigh and Tanner knee boarded...Seriously. Completely all on their own board. I was AMAZED!! Tanner had went with the guys when the went wakeboarding. All the girls decided to ride out on the water in Traveis's boat to see if we could find them. When we did they said "You just missed Tanner knee boarding!" I didn't believe them. The few times we have tried to get him to ride on a tube he cried like a baby. I thought there is no way he is going to knee board all by himself. So I made them let him do it again, and he did it!! I was astonished! 
I was already emotional that day because it was the start of college football and not many things in this world make me happier than college football. 
No lie, when I turned on College game day at 9am and saw Kirk Herbstreit smiling back at me tears came to my eyes. Seriously. Real tears.
So when I saw Tanner knee boarding by himself I also started crying. (This is so not like me!)
Well not to let Tanner out do her Ryleigh also did it and did an excellent job also.  
Here are some pictures of them. We took them with Traveis's iPhone so there wasn't a zoom. 

I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but they are getting SO big!! Between them growing up and the start of college football I might need a few boxes of Kleenex!

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Erica said...

how fun for your kiddos! how old are they???

do you live in alabama?

i agree, college is very hard to do with two little ones. i actually only take a couple at a time, and do as much online as i can so i can do it from home. what college team do you cheer for??