Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I think I may have lost my mind!

So Ryan has somehow convinced me to let him get Tanner's haircut in a Mohawk! The funny thing is when he was talking to Tanner about it and showing him pictures he was so excited! Of Course Ryleigh wants a mohawk now but I don't think they can convince me of that one!
The kind he is getting isn't the kind of mohawk you would expect. When I called to make the appt with our good friend Tiffany who does their hair she said what I want it a faux-hawk. So I googled it and here are the pictures that came back...

There were other examples to that looked just as good but the people in them didn't look as good as David Beckham! Anyway so his appt is tomorrow at 10:30 so keep your fingers crossed it turns out cute. If not we can always shave it off or just have more curly hair up top than on the sides but then he may end up looking like this...
Which would be all bad. So I guess if I don't like it we will shave his head and wear hats all summer! So hopefully it will turn out good!

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