Friday, June 12, 2009

Missing my kids...

Ryan and I are in Gatlinburg, TN with 20 junior high kids. Yep you read that right, 20 12-14 year olds! It really has been a lot of fun but I have to admit, I'm EXHAUSTED!! We got in Thursday night and didn't go to bed until like 2 am this morning and I was back up at 7. I'm the only girl chaperone but luckily we have a good group of girls who aren't overly dramatic and love to sing and dance! This morning we went Zorbing, well they went Zorbing and I took pictures and videotaped. I get sick on the carousel at the mall so the last think I need to do is roll down a mountain in a giant inflatable ball!

We are now back at the cabin and everyone is taking naps, playing games or in the hot tub.
I normally don't miss Ryleigh and Tanner to much when we are gone, and I thought I wouldn't for sure this time since I've been home with them all week. But this morning when I talked to Tanner my heart just broke to hear him! He is so sweet and getting so big!
He was telling me about the new baby fish in mom's pond and I said what did you name him? He responded with Fishy Fish. Ryan said why didn't you name him Nemo and he said "No Daddy he's not Finding Nemo, he's Fishy Fish." 
Thats probably not funny or cute to anyone but me but I literally want to cry when I think about how big he is getting! I guess it's because I know we probably won't have any more kids so he's my last baby. That's also the reason I haven't taken his passy or started potty training. I don't want to admit he's growing up! 
I wish I had a cute story about Ryleigh for today but she was to busy putting on lip gloss and getting ready for Bible School to talk to her parents this morning!

Well I'm going to play a game that involves knee highs, eggs on your forehead and pool noodles...this should be interesting!

And just because I hate a post without pictures here is one from their birthday party.
They really are growing up to fast!

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