Friday, December 26, 2008

Our first words this Christmas were, "We aren't going to go overboard." Yeah right! I made the mistake of starting Christmas shopping in October. Of course that doesn't sound like a mistake but then you ended up getting way more that you thought because you forgot that you had gotten other things. 

You know your kids got to much when you have to re-arrange your furniture just so everything will fit in the living room. 
Here is the things they got up and were from "Santa" although they know Santa isn't real. So if your kids believes in Santa don't let them around mine because Ryleigh will be quick to tell you that Santa is fake like Cinderella. 
Every year Ryan gets one present that's just from him. Last year it was the trampoline, this year it was a power wheel. 
Tanner's tool bench that was regular $119 and I got it for $50 at Tuesday Mornings!
The famous dollhouse! All Ryleigh Claire wanted for Christmas was a pink dollhouse. This really is the cutest dollhouse ever! It has so many details. I should of taken a after shot when she had gotten all the rooms for the thing. That's how toy companies get you...The doll house itself was only like $55 but it comes with no furniture! So by the time you buy 8 rooms you have $200 tied up in a dollhouse!!! She better play with that thing!
The biggest ht of the morning! Tanner got a train set. (They liked it more that the power wheel! Ha Ha!!)
Their wrapped presents. Notice the ugly wrapping paper. I let them pick out whatever kind they wanted, that way I could tell the presents apart easily.  

Ryleigh came in our room at like 6 saying she needed to go potty. She walked right through the living room without even noticing the toys. Once she used the potty we went ahead and woke Tanner up. 
Even though they are smiling big I promise they liked my presents better!
I had to get Tanner some dress up clothes

I love this buzz light year costume!! He looks like an alien!
Fixing Ryleigh's dollhouse with his new power tools!
See that baby in her came with her new dollhouse and she loves it. It came with twins, a boy and a girl. Of course she gave the boy to Tanner and kept the girl for herself. She named her Baby Emily.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. I know we did. And I promise next year we won't be going overboard! Our new Years Resolution is to cut back our spending. Lets see how long Ryan last!

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Trina said...

Wow, you guys had a big Christmas! I didn't start shopping til after Thanksgiving but I was determined to not go overboard this year! Because then my house gets over run with STUFF! LOL Mine only opened two gifts here because they got more things from the grandparents, well, you know how that goes I am sure!

Your kids are adorable!