Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our son the metal digesting machine

Tanner our little handy man…
Before I get started I need to lay a little background for this story.

Monday night Ryan decides that he is going to redo the lights in the youth building. No big deal except that it leaves me at home with Ryleigh and Tanner by myself. After a long Monday at work I can tell you that was not something I was looking forward to.

Anyway so I get home and much to my surprise we have a great night. No arguing, no fighting just sweet babies who took baths, said their prayers and went to sleep. I don’t care what people say miracles do happen.

So the next night my friend Lindsay and I decide we want to go to the movies and since Ryan and I seem to keep a running tally in our heads of who has Ry and Tanner the most and who was gone last; I figured I could get away with this on a Tuesday night since he was just gone the night before. Of course I know he was doing things for church as he pointed out and not something fun just for the heck of it. But always quick on my feet I pointed out that I would be building lasting relationships with people from church, which is also very important. Grant it, it was just Lindsay so we decided to invite some other people and actually had 5. On a side note we went and saw Twlight, very disappointing!

Ok back to the story. Ryan decided one day last week he wanted a treadmill. I guess he was running out of room between his closet and his bowflex to hang his clothes.

Those of you who know Ryan know that he wants a lot and it takes a special person to be married to the man who wants everything. As a result I have learned to pick my battles. For example saying no to the new F250 truck he test drove on Christmas Eve (seriously) or to the many boats he has shown me. So to a simple treadmill I said yes. I might even use it! Yeah right!

So on Ryan’s night of having them to himself he decides to put the treadmill together.

Bad idea.

When I got home that night they were all asleep so I didn’t get to talk to him. This morning Ryleigh comes in our room at 5:30 and Ryan has already left for work. I still had another hour of sleep so I told her to get in the bed with me. She then starts talking my head off. After talking about Gus’s new house and praying once again for aunt Velvet to get better so she can go spend the night she turns to me and says:

We put that together last night. (the treadmill)

Oh did ya’ll


Was it fun?

No Daddy got really mad.

What did he get mad about?

Because Tanner ate a screw.


I leave my kids in the hands on the person who is suppose to be the 2nd best at keeping them and he ate a screw! I asked Ryleigh if he was ok and she just shrugged her shoulders and went back to sleep.
I called Ryan and he said that Tanner certainly did eat a screw. The funny thing is Ryan was mad because they only gave him 4 of this particular screw and no extra and he needed all four!

Of course Ryan don’t worry about the metal our son has swallowed, worry about the treadmill, which will only be used to hang clothes, falling apart.

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Trina said...

Sorry this comment is a few days late, but oh my word! LOL Did he poop it out?