Saturday, December 14, 2013

Atlanta Trip

A few weeks ago we loaded up and headed to Atlanta with some of our best friends for an all girls trip! It was so much fun to get away with just Ryleigh and friends. The main reason for the trip was the American Girl Doll store.

I'll be honest, I was just along for the fun. We don't have an AG doll and I didn't think we needed one! Ryleigh doesn't play with dolls. She never has and I knew an AG doll wouldn't be any different. Well of course I get sucked in. SUCKED IN!!!

3 hours later and an amount of money that I'm too ashamed to admit, we were done. They just have so many accessories!! Oh my at all the accessories!! AG in my opinion is no different than any other 18" doll you could buy anywhere else. They get you on the experience though. You just get wrapped up and can't help yourself! Well played, AG, well played.

Thank goodness Bridget's Yukon was in the shop and she had this mini van as a rental. There's no way everything would have fit in either one of our Yukons. There is so much space in mini vans!

We did a lot of shopping and playing all weekend. We went to a children's museum and some other touristy Atlanta things. My favorite was the American Girl Doll lunch. The food was delicious!! Which it should be since it cost as much as a doll!

I'm thankful for these 4 sweet girls and the friendship they have!

Oh and in case you're wondering, Ryleigh hasn't played with her doll since we got home.

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