Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a really fun weekend. We kept it low key since we have a big birthday weekend coming up!!! :)
Friday night Ryan and his brother took his Mom out to eat at Little House midtown, it's a little to fancy for the kids so we hit up the movies with this goofy girl. 
Whitney had texted me a few weeks ago and said she wanted to borrow Ry and Tan so she could go see the Croods without looking like a weirdo.

We loved the movie! It was really cute and I actually laughed out loud quite a few times.
Saturday we had Tball and then a wedding shower. This picture isn't good of Ry but how cute is this dress??
Saturday night we had an Easter Egg dying party. Whitney, Lil' Ryan and Jordan came over and we dyed eggs then rented a movie on PPV. I love nights hanging out with our goofy family!

Sunday Morning we got up and celebrated the biggest day of the year if you are a Christian! And if you aren't then that's just sad and you should get that taken care of pronto! 

Ryleigh actually picked out her Easter dress! I didn't even bribe her :)

I hate gift giving on Easter, seriously I hate it but we do it anyway. Even though every year I tell myself we aren't going to.
After church everyone came over to Moms and we ate and hunted Easter Eggs. 
This man loves babies! Don't let him fool you though, he doesn't want anymore. I mentioned having another one and he shot that idea down really quick. Guess we will just have to enjoy this cutie. WE LOVE HER!!!

and so do they!
We had a photo session after church. There were lots more pics but these were the best. We love a good picture! :)

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!

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