Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had such a fun weekend! Ryan's been on weekends so this was the first weekend I felt like he was off. We met some friends of ours at the Blind Mule on Friday night for dinner. 

Halfway through dinner we decided to head to Biloxi to hang out. We had a great time but I was hating myself Saturday morning. I don't do well with no sleep.
Saturday we had a wedding to go to so these to got to spend some time with their Aunt Whitney, they told me they had the best day ever. Whitney has a Shutterfly picture book someone made her from a fishing trip they took. When Ry saw it on her coffee table she said "Aunt Whitney, you are on the cover of a book?? Why didn't you tell me you were that cool???" Whitney died laughing!! She took them to the park and to lunch at Subway. Thanks Whitter for keeping them!
While they were having fun with Whitney we headed to the beach for my cousin Chris's wedding. Blakeley was there and that just made my day since I didn't know they were coming. Ryan and I had to have our picture made with her and were acting like she was actually our baby. We aren't having anymore kids so we are taking full advantage of having this sweet girl in our family.
Me and my beautiful momma!
Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Ronnie
Here comes the beautiful bride! The wedding was really pretty. We are happy to have Celeste in our family!
This is the house where they had the wedding. It was such a gorgeous house!
Aunt Lisa (Mia) and Uncle Terry with sweet Blakeley.
Oh my at the cuteness!!!! They don't come any cuter or sweeter than this!!! I LOVE HER!!!!
After the wedding we met Whit to get the kids and headed to watch the game with some friends. One of the couples have a sweet baby named Grayson who is 5 moths old. He is so cute!
Sunday we went to church and Ryan made our television debut. We were taped for a video that the church was making. We are now officially famous! After church we headed to the shed for lunch.
The kids love it because they have a playground to play on.
After the shed we headed to the movies to see Wreck it Ralph. Tanner has been wanting to see it so bad since he saw it on the previews this summer. We saw some of Ry and Tans friends from school there so we sat with them. Ryan wans't planning on going with us. He hates the movies. He was planning to work on something that needed to be built at the church. Unfortunately that fell through and we were in the same vehicle. Since I had already promised the kids there was no backing out. So Ryan went to see Taken 2. He said it was really good.
Now we just got finished paying Uno 100 times and the kids are headed to bed. I hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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