Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tim Tebow

It's no secret that our family loves football. More Saturdays than I can count have been spent with a variety of dips (my absolute favotite meal) (yes, it is a meal. Don't judge.) and friends watching college football. We of course are Alabama fans all the way but when Tebow played for Florida we fell in love with him. 

HE's everything that reminds me of what is good in this country, a love for God, Football and good looks :) We followed his career at Florida as well as the pros. He's overcome so much in his career and we admire him. We admire his faith and his love for God, most of all. 

He recently wrote a book and Ryan borrowed it from a friend and READ IT. 

I'm going to give you a minute to reread the above sentence. 

And now that you have reread it, I'll assure you that you read it correctly. Ryan Stokley read an entire book. From cover to cover and he wasn't being graded on it. I was so proud! 

He really liked the book and for weeks after reading it he would tie almost everything back to Tim Tebow. Literally he could perform 7 degrees of seperation with everything and Tebow. It was pretty cool. 

A few weeks after all the Tebow hype at the Stokley house the book fair came to the kids school and guess what book Tanner got...
 A kids Tebow book. 

I'm sure it seems like this is the end of the story but there's more. 

After we read the book to Tanner approximately 1000 times he drew the conclusion that Lil' Ryan (our cousin who is a senior in high school who is know as Lil' Ryan even though he's much much bigger that Big Ryan!) is a lot like Tebow. According to Tanner "They both love football and they both love God!" 

So one Friday night at one of Lil' Ryan's football games Tanner took the book to give to Lil' Ryan for him to read. He gave it to Aunt Cheryl to give to him and told her why he thought Lil' Ryan would like it. He gave Aunt Cheryl specific instructions to bring it back to the next football game. 

Clearly very easy instructions to follow. Take book, let Ryan read it, bring it back. Well unfortunately that didn't happen. A few weeks went by and Tanner asked us to stop by Aunt Cheryl's numerous times to get the book but we never were able to stop. Well one Wednesday night I called Aunt Cheryl on the way home from church and let her know we were stopping to get it. We pull up and no lie, her and Uncle Ronnie were both frantically searching Aunt Cheryl's car for the book. She then looks up and shakes her head to me. I then knew that she couldn't find the book. 

I honestly didn't think Tanner would be that upset. But when she told him he just started crying huge crocodile tears. Not like oh I'm being such a baby tears but like, oh I really am heartbroken tears. It was sad and hilarious all in one. 

Aunt Cheryl was going on and on about how she was going to make it up to him and would find the book or give him the money for it. She was honestly just as upset as he was. 

The above picture of him and the book was taken when I found the book at books a million. We texted that pic to Aunt Cheryl to let her know all was right in the world again! 

This has nothing to do with the above story but out of nowhere Tanner drew this picture of Lil' Ryan and his girlfriend. Ryleigh and Tanner LOVE his girlfriend, Kiersten. She's a cheerleader and Ryan is a football player. Tanner even taped their hands together so they couldn't ever break up! 

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