Monday, July 2, 2012

Ryleigh's Spa

Saturday night Ryleigh decided to open a spa. She named it Ryleigh's Spa. She set up all of her fingernail polish, lit some candles. had some magazines ready, and had soothing music playing. She called mom and Aunt Lisa and told them to come over in 20 minutes because she had a surprise for them. 

They were very surprised when they walked in our house and all the lights were off and they could smell the candles. Also please notice the magazines that she sat between them. She was REALLY into this.

 After she did theirs they gave her a pedicure. She was on cloud nine that they gave her one and that everyone was playing along with her little game.
Sunday she added signs to all of our doors so as people drove by (because you know we have so many people who drive by) would know that she was open. Lindsey came by and got a pedicure, (not sure why I didn't take a picture of her getting one. Probably because Aunt Lisa was highlighting her hair at the same time and she probably wouldn't have let me take one.) Then Whitney came over for her pedicure appointment. Lucky for Whitney, Ryleigh was a pro by now and was taking it a step further by also making it a salon and tattoo parlor. 

She wrapped Whit in a robe and hair towel and treated her to a pedicure first. 

She then brought over her book of drawings so Whitney could pick out a tattoo. 

Then she styled her hair! 
Here was the finished product. Well technically after this picture was taken bright blue eyeshadow was added to Whitney's face. Her entire face. She left our house as an Avatar.
 Last night Ryan and Tanner got home from a weekend fishing trip and Ryleigh treated them to pedicures as well. I'm sure they both loved them!

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