Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ry's Birthday

I love birthdays! I love doing extra things for the kids to make their birthday special.

She was so excited when she came out of her room on Friday morning!

That day she had a really fun day at school. They get points for reading books and making a 100 on the test and that day was the celebration for AR. It was also the Easter Egg Hunt at school. She really thought that all of it was planned the same day as her birthday on purpose. Bless her heart, she thinks the world revolves around her! She was also really excited that they wished her a Happy Birthday over the intercom at school.

That afternoon my friend Tina picked her up from school as a surprise and she spent the afternoon playing with them. I picked up her friend Karlee on my way home from work and surprised her with Karlee when I picked her up from Tina's house.

That night mom cooked an AMAZING dinner for Ryleigh and I for our birthday! It was carb city since we got to pick what we wanted. Homemade chicken tenders, twice baked potato's, mac and cheese, broccoli and cheese casserole, bread and a homemade cheesecake! It was WONDERFUL!!!!

This is Ryleigh's face when she opened the Toms Tammy and Jimmy got her. She was so excited about them!!
She was also really excited about her new earrings her GiGi got her!
Saturday morning we got up and dyed Easter eggs and got ready to go to the Egg hunt at church.

The egg hunt was a lot of fun. It was held at the coast guard base and we had inflatables, food, a playground and a egg hunt.

I hope you had a great birthday Ryleigh Claire! We love you so much!!!!

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