Monday, April 2, 2012


Saturday night we joined some friends of ours at the circus. We had been once before when the kids were small and it was in a tent in the parking lot of Hank Aaron Stadium and it was MISERABLE!!!! It was so hot and everyone knows that Ryleigh and I hate nothing more than being hot. So when we had the option to go to a circus that was in the AIR CONDITIONED civic center we jumped on it!
The kids got to play a lot of games and interacte with teh clowns and animals before the circus started.

This is Ryan's face when I wouldn't let him buy a snow cone in a clown cup that cost a fortune. He said he wasn't smiling for any pictures. He's such a five year old!

Ryleigh's favorite part was when they did the acrobatics with rings from the ceiling. Tanner's favorite was the dirtbikes in the globe. We had told him they were going to do that and it was getting towards the end of the show and they still hadn't done it. He looked at Ryan and I and said, "If they don't do the dirt bikes in 15 minutes I'm leaving and I'm not going to be happy!" Thankfully they did them within 15 minutes! :)

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