Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blakeley Rena Johnson

I have waited to say on my blog, even though everyone knows now, that Lindsey and Brandon are expecting!!! She is about 16 weeks now and went on Wednesday to find out what she is having. Those of you that know her story can only imagine how nervous she was about her appointment. I'm happy to report that everything is fine! Although her little baby was to stubborn to cooperate and find out what she was having on Wednesday she did find out that the baby was healthy and growing on schedule. 

She did go back on Friday for another ultrasound and found out that she's having a girl! When I told the kids Ryleigh started screaming with excitement and Tanner started crying. His exact words "Another girl!?! Ugh!!!" 
 Yes Tanner, another girl and we couldn't be happier! I'm going to be an Aunt!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
Congratulations Lindsey and Brandon! We can't wait to meet Blakeley!

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