Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dentist Visit

All weekend Tanner had been complaining that his tooth was hurting. He's not much of a complainer unless it's a school morning. Then he pulls out the big guns and goes down the list of his aliments until he finds one that may be an acceptable reason to miss school. (They never are acceptable though :) I actually kinda feel bad for him because Ryleigh got to miss a lot more school than he did. Since K4 doesn't really count we were all about not making them go on Fridays or missing Mondays to sleep late. Now that she's in real school we can't do that so unfortunately since she's getting up for school we make him too. It's not like he couldn't use a little extra school in his life. Bless his heart. But anyway back to his tooth.

We got some orajel to make it through the weekend until we could get a dentist appt on Monday. Ryan took off work to take them. I had the busiest day of my working career. Well he texted me to call him and I wrote back real quick, Cavities? He said call me. That kinda freaked me out because he knew how busy I was and that it would be an act of Congress to call.

When I called he said Bad news- Ryleigh has 2 cavities and Tan Man has 4-well that is bad news but not news worth calling about. In my mind that could have been texted and then discussed last night at home. Then he continued...

Tanner has severe nerve damage in his gums and will need oral surgery to correct it. He also needs a crown on one of his teeth. I felt so bad for him and I was so mad! They have great teeth and have never had any cavities! Ryan thought the same thing and he asked the doctor what he thought was up with that. (We kinda know the dentist through some good friends of ours) As they were talking somehow it came out that we have well water. Yes, we live in the middle of no where. We are pioneers! According to the dentist since we have well water we don't have fluoride. It's an added chemical in city water. Because of this the kids are prone to cavities.

So on Wednesday morning my sweet little boy is having surgery. It's at 8:30 in the morning. It's not considered a big deal by the oral surgeon but to me it is a big deal. Please say a prayer for him. He's being a trooper! I may or may not have promised to buy him all of Academy if he did good...guess I need to win the lottery to make good on my promise!

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