Monday, January 2, 2012

Bike Riding

Guess who can ride his bike without training wheels??????
Mom got the kids new bikes for Christmas and yesterday we took them to our friends neighborhood to ride them. Well their son is the same age as Tan and they are in the same class. Landon can ride his bike really, really good without training wheels and it makes Tanner so mad. I told him part of the reason is because Landon lives in a neighborhood and rides his bike all the time, whereas we live on a dirt road.
Tanner tried to ride Landon's bike while we were there and did ok on it. When we got home we took the training wheels off of his old bike and in 10 minutes he was riding it all over the yard!
He is SOOOOO proud of himself! Ryleigh makes everything a competition so Tanner is so glad to be better than her at something. She said, "It doesn't matter to me. I would much rather be a runner than a biker."
Tomorrow we are going to try to taking them off of his new big bike. He's really excited about that! 

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darlenealford said...

Tell him Nana is proud of him too. He needs to have that determination to do his very best in school also. He can do it. Love him, Nana