Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ropes Course

Today for our youth worker's Christmas Party we went to do a Ropes Course. It's in the middle of the woods and it was so fun! Scary but fun! 
 We had to wear some very awkward harnesses that went between our legs. Needless to say they were not flattering at all. Thankfully everyone looked bad...misery loves company! 
 There were like 4 different sections on the high ropes and then four different sections on the low one. We were in teams of 7 and when I say that you have to get to love each other, I mean it. We were literally standing on 2 ft by 2 ft square 50 feet in the air. I'm not one that likes people up in my personal space. I like to keep a good 2 feet between me and the closest person to me. At one point their may have been 2 cm between mine and my teams face and 0 centimeters between out bodies. 
 It was an EXCELLENT Team Building exercise because you really do have to work together. If one of you falls you all fall. They won't let you grab the cables or your ropes so all you have to hold on to is each other. No handles, no ropes, just each other. Scary! 

 This one below was the hardest. You had to all get on this 2 foot board and you can't move to the next one until you were all on that one. So all 7 of us were on that one board. Granted it was only for a few seconds because the next person had to be prepared to go to the next one before we all fell.

At the end of it you get to zipline down which was really cool! It was a great day! I'm thankful for our church and they great group of leaders I get to serve with!

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