Thursday, December 1, 2011

Field Trip

Ryleigh had her first real field trip this past Tuesday. I was able to take off work and go with her. It really was fun to spend the day with her and her friends. Even though I was ready for a long nap when we got home. 5 year old girls are exhausting!
We went to Wales West Train Park in Silverhill. The place was just ok. Literally they just rode this train down to the "North Pole" to see Santa and then make an ornament.
There was this little mini train that they got to ride as well.

The big train was pretty cool. It was really loud and smelled really bad!
It was funny to me how many of the kids were afraid of Santa. Like seriously, scream like crazy, run for your life, afraid!

This is her whole class. One of the things I do like about Turner is their small class size. Ry only has 17 kids in her class and for a public school that is considered REALLY small. I think small class sizes are important for kids to learn.
The girl with the long brown hair is Erica, Ry's best friend.
When we got home Ryleigh was worn slap out! I think her most favorite thing was getting to ride the bus. She begs me to let her ride it everyday and I won't let her. Now seeing the way she acts on the bus with all those kids I for sure won't be letting her! She is a wild child!

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