Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I honestly hadn't noticed I hadn't put anything on here in the last 2 weeks or so until Ryan texted me today and said I was a little behind on the blog. December is a month of always being behind! I couldn't tell you the last night we've actually been at home. We've had plans every night for the past few weeks. On the plus side that means that I also haven't cooked in the past few weeks! Woo Hoo!!
So what have we been up to?
 We've gone to Christmas parades with best friends! We went to the Semmes Christmas parade which has turned into a pretty big deal. We had literally about 6 groups of our friends all with us. It was a lot of fun!

 We went to Ryan's work's Christmas party at the Convention Center and spent the night downtown. While we were enjoying that Ry and Tan were having fun at Bellingrath with their Mi Mi and La La.
 Last night we went to my best friends Lindsay's parents house for Christmas with them.
 We always have so much fun when we go over there for Christmas. They cook a HUGE meal!
 And buy the kids all kinds of little treats.
 We technically aren't kined to them even though we have the same last name but they are very special people to us and we love them very much!
 Of course the kids favorite part is the presents!! They said Mrs. Pam and Uncle Jeff always buy the best presents! Tanner said "Until we get older and then they'll buy us clothes and that is not fun." Lol!

 Last night we hung out outside the whole time and cooked and ate. Their backyard is BEAUTIFUL!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Season! We've are staying busy and enjoying every minute of it!

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