Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, ride bikes from Fairhope to Lu Lu's on Sunday? Don't mind if we do! Dear Ryleigh and Tanner, The above picture proves that you guys actually do love each other. Dear Kate Middleton, I loved watching your wedding this morning. You give girls around the world hope that they to can one day be a princess. You looked gorgeous! Dear Londoners, I really wish I would have been invited to the wedding so I could have worn a crazy hat. I've never had the desire to wear a hat until today. They look so fun! Dear weekend, I'm so so so so glad you are here! Dear living room, redecorating you is going to be the death of me. So far I have fabric for the pillows, a lamp and one picture picked out. Dear Etsy, I love the handmade picture frame I found on your website but I personally think $70 is a little much for it. Let me know when you run a sale! Dear Flour Girls, I have to stop coming or else I'm not going to be able to fit in any of my clothes. Your cupcakes are just so good! Dear Tammy, I am so thankful that you guys are ok. A car is easily replaced so I'm glad that was the only thing that was messed up. Dear Ryan, Looking forward to riding with you on Sunday...I'm kinda nervous about riding with people all around me. I tend to not go in a straight line. I hope I don't run into anyone and make everyone fall down like dominoes. :)

Here is what I have for my living room....

This is the fabric I got to have throw pillows made. I have to keep the red that's in there b/c of the red rug. I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money so I'm just trying to update pictures and accent pieces without buying new furniture or rugs. I love how this has the red I need and the turquoise I want!
This is the frame from Etsy that I LOVE!!!! It matches perfectly!!! I have some birthday money from Ryan and his mom left so I may end up buying it...I'm not sure. It matches everything perfectly though!
I bought this picture to hang on the wall. I'll see it every time I walk out of my room and on the way to the kids room. Sometimes I need to just say to myself "Keep Calm and Carry On." I think it'll look really cute.

I like this picture for above the fireplace but it's $300 from Pier One...think I'll pass on that!

I also like this picture I found on Etsy...I may order it for above the fireplace...I'm not sure yet.

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