Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Party

Friday night we had my Birthday Party at Paint Party Studios. Yes, I know most 25 year olds don't have an actual birthday party for themselves but this one does!! My mom did everything for the party and it was amazing! I would venture to say that I have the best mom ever. Like, seriously.

She got the cupcakes from a bakery called Flour Girls which seriously has the best cupcakes of all time. But all the other food she made herself! She even got me matching plates and napkins! :)

My friends who don't eat my mom's food often couldn't believe that she made all of it. They seriously thought it was store bought. My mom is an excellent cook.

I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was to busy painting and socializing!
Here is the picture I painted. I think it turned out really cute. Especially considering I didn't have any professional help. Which is big for me. Last time I went I painted my picture and it looked so bad they basically had to redo the whole thing.

Here is Aunt Velvet and the wonderful picture she painted ALL BY HERSELF!! :)
Saturday Tan Man had a Tball game and after that we headed over to Fairhope to spend the day. We walked around and I got fitted for new running shoes that I bought with My birthday money (Thanks Mom and Tammy!) then we went to the little beach that Fairhope has.
It was HOT!! This week is going to be the longest week ever since we leave for the beach on Friday night for the whole week!!! I'm SOOOOO excited!!!

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