Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Children of the World

We had a great weekend. We hosted children from the Children of the world choir. Due to privacy I can't post any pictures or names of them but I still wanted to write about them and our experience with them. You can check out their website at www.worldhelp.net.
We had 3 girls...yes 3. So that means we had 5 kids this weekend. I know, I can't believe it either.

First we had V for Uganda. She was the most outgoing and the loudest. It didn't take her long to warm up to us and she was ready to go. She lost her dad when she was very young and was sent to live in the orphanage. She is doing remarkably well now and she was so much fun to have. When we were coming down our dirt road she said "We have rodes like this in Uganda!"

S from Nepal was quieter than V but still outgoing. She was so cute. I would say that she was the moodiest of the 3. She reminded me a lot of me. If things weren't going her way she would pout. But it was still so sweet and cute. Saturday when we were getting ready for the Christmas parade I was putting Ryleigh's bow in and S's eyes got so big. She had never gotten to wear a bow. So I took her in Ryleigh's room and pulled out her bow drawer. S's eyes lit up! They don't ever ask for anything so she just stared. I asked her if she would like to wear one and she literally got so excited. She put 6 in her hair! Thankfully I was able to talk her into just wearing one...the biggest one!

AR is from the Philippines. I hate to say we had a favorite but we did and it was by far AR. She was so beautiful and so timid. My heart just broke for her. She was very quiet. I seriously LOVED her, we all did. Ryleigh just took to her. They held hands basically the whole time she was with us. She was really shy around Ryan at first but towards the end she really warmed up to him. It was just something about her...we all felt drawn to her. I would adopt her in a minute. Seriously, we even asked but unfortunately these kids aren't adoptable. They travel around to put a face to the terrible needs in their countries. The whole time during their performance on Sunday we couldn't help but watch AR. She was so quiet the whole weekend but when she got on stage her face just lit up. She was dancing and singing. The whole time she sang she had her eyes closed and her hands stretched towards heaven. After everything she has been through (we don't know their back stories we weren't allowed to ask) she still worships the creator.

Friday night we took them to Bellingrath Gardens and to eat at Ci Ci's pizza. They LOVED Ci Ci's. Loved it. Anyone who knows we knows that I am not an emotional person. I rarely cry or get attached to people. But Friday night they all sang that song Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am so glad you gave.

Yall, I was crying. It just broke my heart how sweet and innocent these kids are. It made me think of Ryleigh and Tanner's sheltered lives and my heart just broke for these kids. It's not fair that the leading cause of deaths in their countries is unclean water. UNCLEAN WATER!!! We go to the sink and turn the water on and let it run then entire time we are washing dishes or brushing our teeth. As Americans we use more water in a single flush of the toilet than they use all day long.

Walking away from the weekend I couldn't really tell you how I felt...did Ryleigh and Tanner see that there are kids in this world who aren't as well off as them...probably not. Did they make some new friends...yes. Did Ryan walk away changed...probably not. He has always had a heart for missions and children. Did I walk away changed...more than anything. Sandi and Freddy our children's pastors said how proud they were of me for doing this. Doing something that everyone who knows me knows I wouldn't normally do. I wouldn't be proud of me...I'm actually kinda ashamed I never did anything before. My eyes have been opened to the hurting world around us.

Thank you V, S, and AR for doing this. The 3 days I spent with you has changed my life forever.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story Tiffany! I think God is opening your eyes to missions too...maybe that is why you and Ryan make such a great couple! God will bless you for being open to his guidance and being used to touch these precious children's lives!
Merry Christmas, and I loved your Christmas card!
Love, Mrs. DeLayne