Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All Boy

Remember when Tanner was TERRIFIED of Frogs or any kind of bug?
This picture was taken right before he turned 2. Ryan put a frog in his pocket and he FREAKED out!
Well that scared little boy has gone from that to this...
He literally catches bugs everyday. He loves all kinds (well, except spiders).
He loves to go outside and catch the tree frogs that come out on the porch at night. He'll keep them in his bug catcher and go to sleep with them. I then have to go and let them out once he falls asleep.
The other day we were cleaning out his room and I was in his closet and picked up something that was hard. When I looked at it it was a DEAD FROG!!!! It scared me to death!! Ryan was laughing so hard! I did not think it was funny though! There is no telling how many frogs he has gotten in our house and they have gotten out. That creeps me out!!!
I love that he is no longer scared of frogs and has turned into a little boy but I can't stand frogs, lizards or bugs of any kind! I guess it comes with the territory of having a boy!
Also, how cute is that blonde curly hair. It is to die for!! I love him and although I may be biased I think he is the cutest little boy ever!
Mrs. Parden, everyday he wants to take you a frog to school. He says you would love it! Thankfully I talk him out of it but don't be surprised if one day he sneaks one past me in his pocket and it ends up in class! I'm sorry in advance if this happens! :)

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