Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nativity Scene

This past Saturday I went to go get Tanner the nativity scene I had found at Lifeway. Well wouldn't you know they were completely sold out and on back order for WEEKS! I was pretty upset about it because it would have been perfect for him! Sunday after church we went to WalMart and he insisted on taking me to the Christmas section to show it to me. I explained that I am going to get him one just hopefully one that isn't breakable.

Well Sunday night Ryan and I got all the Christmas decorations down and guess what I found in there....A Nativity Set! I had bought it last year at Hobby Lobby on clearance after Christmas. It's one that you paint yourself and I had originally planned for the kids to paint it but Ryan decided he wanted to do it. So he set to work painting. I helped a little. He said that it was therapeutic!
Here is the finished product! I think it looks so good! Tanner was BEYOND excited about it! I meant to get a picture of him with it but I got busy and forgot. He played with it for a while last night. I think it makes it even more special that Ryan painted it himself.

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