Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Scuba Steve (aka Ryan), Last night when you pretended there were bugs in our bed and then laughed your head off at me when I freaked out...not cool, not cool at all! Dear Lindsey, you are getting married, TOMORROW!!! TOMORROW!!! Like as in the day after today!! I'm so excited!! Dear Aunt Melissa, you are such a trooper!! Surgery on Wednesday, rehearsal dinner on Thursday wedding on Saturday...check! Dear Whitney, thank you for the text yesterday reminding me that I was officially 24 1/2...also not cool, not cool at all. Dear Mom, Thursday night through Sunday being spent in's a RECORD!!! I'm so excited that anytime I look out my window I will be able to see your car. This makes me smile. Dear Jordan, have I told you lately how much I love you?? Well I do!! I think you are hands down my favorite cousin and if you every need anything you can call me! :) (Now remember this when you become a star football player!!) Dear Columbus, Thank you for discovery of America that in turn leads to me being off on Monday! Dear Ryan, I enjoyed our lunch date on Wednesday and our Grey's Anatomy date on Thursday. Although this may be hard to believe, I love you more than Mexican food and McDreamy!

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