Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4 1/2

Today you are officially 4 1/2. I have no idea why but you have been so excited for this day ever since I mentioned it to you a few weeks ago. I think it just adds to the excitement you have about turning 5. Why you are so excited about turning 5? I have no idea. But you talk about it all the time. You talk about your 5 year old school, you talk about your 5 year old birthday party and your 5 year old dance class. You are so excited!! I am not. When you turn 5 that means the next day I turn 25...not excited about that. When you turn 5 you'll never be four again and that breaks my heart. Last night we were talking about you turning 4 1/2 and being that much closer to 5 and you said "Don't worry mom if I'm 5 or 45 I'll always be your baby!"
Happy 4 1/2 Birthday baby girl! I love you!!

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Lindsay said...

oh how I love that little girl!!!