Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I am exhausted!! This weekend we went to the beach for one last trip of the Summer. I'm so sad to see Summer leaving but so happy for what fall brings...cooler weather, football, Disney and Lindsey's wedding!! We went down there on Friday and stayed through Monday. We didn't really have anything in particular planned. Saturday Ryan and a bunch of his friends went fishing and scuba diving while the kids and I went to the pool.

Saturday night we had our second annual Bama on the Beach! It was a lot of fun. The kids were pretty good the whole time but around the beginning of the 4th quarter they were getting antsy so Mrs. Kim and I took Tanner to walk on the beach and catch crabs. He literally caught like 20 all with his hands. He was SO proud of himself!!!

The weather was so beautiful for watching the game outside!!

Me and my girl ready for the game!

The 2 cutest guys on the planet!!

I don't think there's any hope for us getting a good family picture!
The kids got to go kayaking and were SO excited about it! Matthew's dad asked Ryleigh if she wanted to stay out in the kayak and watch the sun set and she sad, "No, we better get back before the game starts. We don't want to miss it!"
Tanner was over the moon excited about going kayaking! He's wanted one forever!
Sunday we took the boat out to an island and hung out and went to a drive up restaurant that you take the boat to. I love those kinds of places! Sunday afternoon we went bike riding. The kids didn't actually ride their bikes the whole way they rode in the cart behind Ryan's bike since we rode about 12 miles. The funny thing is we judged the time wrong and ended up riding back in the pitch black through the trails in the woods. It was a little creepy!
Monday was a lot of the same thing. We went to the pool, took the boat out to lunch and came back. We loaded up and headed home around 6. Thankfully traffic had mostly died down by then.
It was a great weekend!!
I will say though when I was eating breakfast this morning I felt like I could fall asleep with a honey bun in my mouth! :)

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