Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear goofball husband of mine, the above picture is one of the many reasons why I'm glad I married you. Thanks for making me laugh when I feel like I'm going to cry. Dear week of September 6th, you are dead to me. I'm so glad you are over at 6:00 today. Dear little people who call me mom, I'm looking forward to our slumber party and picnic in the living room tonight. I'll bring the pizza and you guys bring the cuddling! Dear Lindsey, thanks for making me starve myself for the next 4 weeks. I got my bridesmaid dress and if I gain 1/2 pound it officially won't fit! Dear Ryleigh, I blame it on the incredibly stressful week I've had that I had you dropped off at dance on the wrong night. I think this is something we will laugh about when you're older. Hopefully! Dear Ryan, good luck on your last part of scuba certification tomorrow. Is it selfish of me to be glad it will official be over tomorrow? Probably, but since when do I care about being selfish! :) I love you more than you love scuba diving.

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