Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Every year for Father's Day Weekend we usually head to the beach. This year we left on Friday and were planning on coming back on Sunday. We were originally planning on staying in the camper but with the oil we didn't want to do that. Ryan had done some work for Amy's dad the other day and so he said we could stay in their house on Ono Island!! I was so excited! On the way there we gave Ryan one of his presents. He loves these cookie cakes from the mall and I even splurged and paid the extra $3 to have the whole thing covered in icing! We had already eaten a big chunk before I thought about taking a picture.
This is the house we stayed in. It's 7 bedroom, 7 bathrooms and 7,000 square feet! it even has it's own private beach with a huge pier. Ryan's mom, Amy, Dale and the boys were suppose to come down and stay Saturday night but they ended up not coming so it was just us. Kenny and his family will be moving in sometime in August.
Saturday our friends Allyson and Wesley were down so we took the boat out 20 miles offshore and went fishing/diving. The kids were so good even though we were out there all day. They kept getting in the water for a few minutes then getting out. I was kinda nervous about that b/c of Sharks and things but there were 2 dolphins who hung out by our boat all day so Ryan said they keep the sharks away! Thank goodness!! Ryleigh and Tanner LOVED the dolphins they kept saying they wanted to catch one.
Wesley went diving. He actually goes spear fishing where he literally shoots fish under water with a spear. It's crazy! He didn't shoot anything that day though. Saturday night we just went back to the house and hung out. Allyson and I rode bikes around the island and then took the kids down to the beach. They left around 9 and then Ryleigh and Tanner were out! They were so exhausted!!!
Sunday we hung out at the beach for a while but anyone who knows Ryan knows that he doesn't sit well so we left about 1:00.
We went to the wharf and walked around and rode the Ferris wheel. They loved the Ferris wheel!

Ryan found these sunglasses for Tanner. They are polarized fishing glasses. I guess so he can see the fish in the water when they go...I have no idea! Our children's pastor said he looks like Tom Cruise with blonde hair in the picture...cigarette and all! :)
We had a fun weekend but I think it's safe to say we were exhausted! Just ask Tanner who fell asleep on the way home while eating a hamburger!

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