Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crawfish Boil

Here are the pictures from Ryan's dad's families crawfish boil we go to every year. We always have so much fun going, especially the kids they love it! They like to all get a crawfish (a live one) and have it all day. Tanner actually found a fish in the sack of crawfish and kept it all day. It was Yuck-O (as Ryleigh says now!) We normally stay the night and go to the zoo the next day but it just didn't work out where we could this time. I really want to go back to the New Orleans Zoo one day this year. Not this summer though it's way to hot down there!!

I'm not sure how those 2 little girls are actually related to us (like cousins or what) but Ryleigh loved them. She said "Mom! I have 2 new best friends and they are totally awesome!"

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