Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Kelly, at Kelly's Korner does a blog hop every Friday called Show Us Your Life. I've never participated but this week it is "Show us your Schedule." I thought it would be fun to see a day in the life of the Stokley Family!

Our schedule literally varies depending on the day of the week. Mondays are now going to be spent at Tball practice, Tuesday is our low key day, Wednesday we have church and Thursday nights we have dance and Tball practice.

I'm going to do 2 days since ours vary wildly between the two.

So here is our Wednesday:

4:30 First alarm of the morning goes off for Ryan to get up. He is up and headed to the gym by 4:45. He works out and is back home by 6:30
6:15-my alarm goes off and I get up by 6:30
6:30-7:00 I go running
7:00-I shower/get dressed ect. Ryan gets Ryleigh up and gets her dressed for school and packs her lunch. He also cooks an insanely huge breakfast for the 3 of them.
7:45-Ryleigh and I are out the door.
8:00-I drop her off at Curves to Aunt Cheryl or Mrs. Kim. Who then walk her to school at 8:30. Thank you to you guys for doing that for us everyday!!
Ryan does different things during the day. Sometimes he goes and cuts grass for people, sometimes he stays home all day, sometimes he runs errands. If he goes anywhere he gets his mom to keep Tanner and pick up Ryleigh from school. As most of you know she used to do this everyday for us when he wasn't working weekends but now she kind of gets a break.
8:30-Get to work. Check email, get on conference call ect.
12:00-Ryan or his mom pick up Miss Priss from school
5:00-Leave work and head straight to church.
5:30-meeting at church
6:00-Ryan and the kids get to church. They get to hang out in the youth building with us until around 6:30 and then go to their class.
7:00-8:15-We are in service with the youth.
8:30-I leave church with the kids, head home, give them baths and put them to bed.
9:30-Ryan usually gets home from church by then. We usually hang out and talk since we haven't seen each other all day until around 10:30 then it's bedtime!
Thursday's mornings are mostly the same except Ryleigh doesn't have school. So when Ryan gets home from the gym he goes back to sleep. Those are the hardest days for me to get up and get motivated because when I leave at 7:45 they are all usually still sleeping. I secretly love it when Tanner (our early bird) gets up before I leave because that means Ryan has to get up!
Thursday night:
5:00-Tanner has Tball practice. I leave work around 5:15 and make it in time to see the last few minutes of his practice.
5:45-Ryleigh has dance.
6:15-We leave Tball and have about 30 minutes to kill before Ryleigh has to be picked up from dance. So Ryan, Tan and I go eat somewhere close by.
6:45-Ryan leaves from eating to go get Ryleigh and Tan and I head home.
7:00-Ryleigh is out of dance and on our way home Tanner sees the library and wants to stop. So we do.
7:30-We all make it home! We give them baths and put them to bed.
I usually do laundry on Thursday nights. Ryan washes and dries it all day then I fold it while watching my two favorite shows. I leave it in the living room and he puts it all up the next morning.
Once I read back through all of that I need to give a big thanks to Ryan! He does a lot especially compared to a lot of husbands. I would be lost without him and I'm so thankful for all his help!!
And while I'm dishing out thanks I also need to say a huge thanks to Dawn who does more for us than I think we realize! Thank you so much Dawn for all your help all the time!

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