Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LindsEy & LindsAy

Happy birthday to our 2 favorite Lindse(a)y's!!
Our cousin Lindsey turned 26 on Saturday. Man she's getting old!! Aunt Lisa had a party for her Saturday night. Tan and Ryan were hunting so just Ry and I were able to go.
I know this sounds dumb but I cannot believe she's 26!! That means I'm going to be 24 this year!

Ryleigh with the birthday girl and her delicious cake!!

Brandon, Lindsey and Ryleigh.

On a complete side note; Monday morning I get in my car and there is a container full of chocolate cake cupcakes. I didn't know where they came from. Once I started down the road I got my phone out and saw aunt Lisa had sent me a text. The cupcakes were from her house. She put them in my front seat on her way to work to get them out of her house! I told her I didn't want them in mine!! I'm ashamed to say I've had 4 of them. Thanks for the 10 extra pounds Aunt Lisa!

Our second Lindsay party was Tuesday night for a good friend of ours. We went to shogun. It was so good!

Ry and the birthday girl!

This is a terrible picture but the story here is that Tanner propsed to Lindsay! The night before Ryleigh was talking about wanting to marry Austin (Gills Nephew). Tanner then said who am I going to marry?
Ryan and I rattled off a few names of girls his age and he said no to all of them.
Then out of nowhere he said "I know, I'm marrying Lindsay! We have the same name!" (She's a Stokley).
So for her birthday he got one of Ryleigh's rings and wrapped it up. When she opened it he said "Will you marry me?"
It was so sweet! She said yes and then he got upset that she didn't have a ring for him!!

So not only do they have the same name, birthdays that are close together but also they are both engaged!!

Congratulations girls!! We love you both!

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