Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Lost

Around Christmas time Mom and Larry had the kids one Saturday. I think it was our anniversary weekend. Anyway, they were going to Wal Mart. I know, they are much braver than me! Wal Mart+2 kids+Saturday+Christmas time=disaster in my book!

Before they went in Larry was giving them the whole spill on how they either had to hold Mom or Larry's hand or get in the buggy.

Ryleigh said "Why?"

"Because it's Christmas time and there are a lot of people in Wal Mart this time of year and if we lose you we won't be able to find you. So just make sure you either hold our hand or stay in the buggy" Larry said.

Ryleigh looked at him and in all seriousness said "La La if you can't find me it check the band aid aisle. That's where I'll be!"

It's no joke that my kids LOVE Band Aids. We seriously go through a box a week. They want a Band Aid for everything. I used to tell them unless there's blood then you're not getting one. Now I figure there is only going to be a few more years that they are going to beg me for Band Aids so why not put one on everything! They are only young once! It's their favorite thing about going to Wal Mart. They love picking out new kinds!

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