Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Buck!

Well maybe it wasn't a big buck but it was still a deer...Tanner's first deer!!
Sunday afternoon Ryan and Tanner went hunting at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Terry' in their backyard. I know, I'm sure there is some kind of redneck joke there! 
Ryleigh had a friend spend the night and they were in the bathtub when Ryan calls to tell me to get my camera and head over. So I got the out and we went to see the deer. 
Tanner was so proud of himself!!! He was so excited. Ryleigh and Carlee was so grossed out (and I was to) so we took a few pictures and went back home. 
Here he is with the deer's blood on his face. It's something that you have to do when you kill your first deer. He loved having the blood on his face. When he got home he was chasing the girls all around the house saying he was going to wipe it on them. 
Everyone has asked me if he really killed the deer...All I know is that I wasn't there and I've never seen him so happy, so I'm counting it as Tanner killed his first deer!

I love that little boy!

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