Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend in the Woods

We had a great Thanksgiving! We went to aunt Tena's house for Thanksgiving with our family and then to Ryan's aunts for Thanksgiving with his family. That afternoon Ryan, Ryleigh and Tanner all left to go to some friends of ours hunting camp. Tanner was so excited to be going hunting! I stayed home so I could go shopping on Friday and rode up Friday afternoon with some friends of ours. We stayed until late Saturday night and had the best time! It was fun just to be away from everything and our cell phones didn't even work! The guys went hunting in the morning and at night. The rest of the day was spent playing outside, riding four wheelers, hiking and eating! Here are some pictures...
I love this picture. I thought about using it for our Christmas cards but mine and Ryleigh's hair looks terrible.
This is Alex, Ethan's girlfriend. She killed the only deer of the weekend!
Wesley killed a hog. It was so gross! Ry and Tan wouldn't go near it.
Saturday afternoon Ryan got brave and took all of us hunting. So me, Ry, Tanner and Ryan all piled into this shooting house. It was not fun. Tanner is an excellent hunter, Ryleigh is a terrible hunter!
Walking to the shooting house in their hunters orange.

This is the group before we left Saturday afternoon for the woods.
Playing Tarzan

This is an actual small mountain that we hiked up. They were so tired by the time we made it up to the top.

I love this picture. This is Mr. Jeff, Lindsay's dad. They are the ones who invited us up to stay with them in their cabin. (which is nicer than my house!)
I love this picture because Ryleigh and Tanner completely posed themselves with this sign. Allen is Lindsay's cousin and a good friend of ours, Leslie's brother. Some of you may remember when Justin (Leslie's husband) and Allen (her brother) where killed in a car accident. Their grandpa had this made in memory of Allen. It's down far into the woods in the most beautiful spot.
My absolute favorite picture of the weekend. I love this little boy and can't believe how fast he is growing. I think out of all of us he had the most fun this weekend. He literally cried himself to sleep on the way home!

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