Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ryleigh's Christmas party

This past Friday Ryleigh had her Christmas party at school. It was a lot of fun and she had a great time. The thing that stunk was that she could only bring one person. So Ryan and I had to fight over who got to go!

Her she is playing pin the nose on Rudolph! You can kind of see her teacher in this picture. She has the cutest teacher!

Here she is in her chair by Angel and Brooks.

See those white treat bags behind them?
Well Mrs. Parden always send notes home telling us things. For example during Halloween she let us know we could bring treat bags if we wanted to. Well she didn't send anything for Christmas other than telling us about the party and what type of gift we should buy. Well I guess all the other parents got the memo but me. They all had treats to put in the bags. Ryleigh had a meltdown that she didn't have anything to put in the bags. So I called Ryan and told him he had to go by the store to get some candy. When he walked in Ryleigh's class she yelled "Yay!! Daddy saved the day!" Then Mrs. Parden invited Ryan to stay for the rest of the party so I guess it worked out well!

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