Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread House

After Christmas last year I was in Michael's and saw a gingerbread house marked down to 75% off. I picked it up and thought that we would do it this year. I had completely forgotten about it until Ryan was getting everything out of the attic for Christmas. When Ryleigh and Tanner saw it they went crazy and every day since then they have begged me to let them make it. Well I hate messes and knew that it would be a huge mess but I guess I temporarily lost my mind on Monday night and agreed to it. I would first like to say that this is my first experience at making a gingerbread house so I really didn't know what to expect. Here we are getting ready and getting all the pieces together.
I made the icing and started to "glue" it together. I had them help me hold it until the icing dried but they were terrible at keeping it straight or still. I also didn't know that it takes the icing 15 minutes to dry enough to start on the next piece. It also takes 2 hours for the whole thing to set before you can start decorating it! I was so frustrated! I guess I would have known that if I would have read the instructions before hand but now I had two kids who were so excited and icing that would not dry!

I talked them into going to take a bath why I finished putting it together and then I stuck it in the freezer. 30 minutes later is was dry enough.

Notice the clothes change from the previous pictures. This was after their bath and they are getting ready to decorate it.

And here is the finished product! I included two pictures of them with the house because Ry is cheesing it up in the first one and Tanner is in the second one.

So after a complete mess, icing everywhere, two spilled bowls of candy and 2 hours later I present to you the prettiest gingerbread house ever! Take notice of the two gingerbread men cookies they made also. Ry's is the one completely covered in candy and Tanner's is the one with like 2 pieces on it. They seriously decorated the whole thing by themselves. The only 2 things I suggested where the green in the front for grass and the candy going along the middle of the top.

Now they bug me everyday to eat it!

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