Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Night

I mentioned before about our Elf "Scout the Window" it ended up being so much fun. Every morning they would race to see who could find him first. Well this was the last night he would be here because on Christmas Eve he flies back to the North Pole and doesn't come back again until the next year. this is them telling him bye. They were actually kind of sad. 
Ryleigh said yesterday that she was going to get real wings and fly to the North Pole to bring him back!

Another thing we started this year was letting them buy each other Christmas presents. They picked them out and bought them with their own money and wrapped them their selves

They got each other a swimming Barbie and Legos
In their Christmas Pj's. I LOVE this picture!!
About to read the Christmas story before bed. 
putting out reindeer food. After we did this I was wondering how I was going to make it disappear before the morning but thankfully Gus really likes reindeer food!!
And lastly putting out cookies and milk for Santa. The next morning Tanner got really upset that the cookies and milk were gone. I don't think he really got what we were doing. 

I love all the traditions and things we started this year it really made this Christmas the most fun yet!

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