Monday, August 3, 2009

What have we been up to?

Well while Ryan was gone in the Bahamas we found lots of things to keep us busy. We went to pump it up and played until they couldn't possibly play anymore.
We picked up Tina and Madison from the Airport.
We went to iCommunity at church. Which was our huge outreach event before Kidsfest started on Wednesday night. (I have no idea why that is all underlined)
We ate Watermelon with friends
Or by ourselves!
We played on the water slides. Well actually just Ryleigh because Tanner is to scared to go down them by himself. 
We ate snow cones in the sand. 
And while I was in Birmingham with work on Wednesday-Friday they went to Kidsfest. I was really sad about missing it but I was also really happy about the break. I was so excited about going to eat at the Cheesecake Factory! It was SO good! I ate there twice! We also ate at Sweet Bones which was also good but I don't like BBQ that much. Kidsfest was a huge success. Ryleigh and Tanner loved it! Have yall ever heard of the Blue Man Group? Well we have the same thing they are just purple. Tanner seriously loved them! He would get so excited every time they came up to perform. 
This is them in their Kidsfest shirts before church Sunday morning. It's impossible to get a cute picture of the two of the together!
Sunday after church we went to a birthday party at the Watermelon Patch and they had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from that. 

And I'm sorry to say that yes some of us insist on still rockin the MoHawk!

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