Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food Fight!

Wednesday night we had an INSANE FOOD FIGHT at church in the youth for back to school! It was SO messy and gross! We made a lot of food the day before and the day of but kids were welcome to bring whatever they wanted to. We made huge garbage cans of grits, mashed potatoes, and oatmeal. Then we cleaned out every fridge at the church with expired stuff and poured it into the containers. It was DISGUSTING!! We found cottage cheese that was 3 years old!! The containers smelled horrible and a few kids actually threw up on the field! A lot of kids brought syrup, honey, whipped cream, eggs, and any thing else you can think of!
Here is Lindsay stirring the mixture! 
The mixture!
Right before we were going out to war!
Charlie's Angels style
Heather and Allie afterwards
Me and Lindsay afterwards. We stunk so bad!

All the kids seemed to have had fun and thankfully no one got hurt! It's great to go to church somewhere where we can let loose and throw food at people in the name of Jesus! Well whatever works to get kids involved!

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