Thursday, October 10, 2013


Every since we moved back to our "home" church we have been really busy!

Ryan and I were team captains for Son Games. It was a 8 week competition and of course our team won! Our children's pastors are some of our good friends so I'm not sure why they thought we'd be good captains. They know how competitive I am!

Our team won a trip to Waterville! Well unfortunately it closed that day due to weather. So we made the best of it anyway.

We headed to play some laser tag and bazooka ball.

This guy and lady below are 2 of our favorite people in the world. They invest so much in our kids and have no idea how much we appreciate them. Thank you guys for everything you do for our kids!!

How many kids can fit in one booth at Dairy Queen??

Over Labor Day weekend we went to Gatlinburg with the youth group. We haven't been helping with them but are friends with a lot of the kids. Freddy, the children's pastor needed a girl chaperone to go so Ryan and I volunteered. We had a blast!

All the kids think Ryan's so cool. It kinda hurts my feelings!

We drove go carts like a million times, seriously.

And of course had to walk around Downtown Gatlinburg.

The other night we had a girls slumber party at church. There were over 40 girls there! Only like 4 moms stayed but I was excited that my girl thought I was cool enough to stay! They stayed up until like 3 am! I'm too old for that!! I slept until like 11 the next day!

We sure do love our church!

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