Thursday, November 1, 2012

Miss me?

I know I've been MIA and I know everyone is sitting on edge of their seat waiting to see what we've been doing, lol!

We've been spending as much time as possible with this sweet, cute little pumpkin! Isn't she just adorable??
Last Friday Ryan let Ry miss school for a daddy/daughter date. (Perfect attendance is an award that we don't strive for at our house :)) They got up and went to breakfast then he took her to get a manicure and pedicure. She got all different designs on all of her fingers and toes. I forgot to take a picture of them. Then they went shopping and finished up the afternoon with lunch at Shogun!
The first little cold spell we had we had to make a fire and roast marshamellows! Of course it's 85 degrees again now. Which is fine with us! The Stokley's don't do cold weather. The beach and fishing aren't fun when it's cold so that equals hatred of the cold in our book!
Since everyone is sitting in suspense, I have some post on the fair and Halloween coming up!

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