Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How does your garden grow?

So I have this insanely large garden that I have worked so hard on at our house. It's done really well and I've even been able to give Mom and Larry a lot of vegetables from it. 

LOL! Everyone who knows us knows that Larry has an insanely large garden that he has worked so hard on that I like to take credit for. Credit that I am not due whatsoever. Although I was very specific in what I wanted him to plant in the garden. I also have walked out there once or twice to admire it. I have not however gotten anywhere near the actual plants or dirt. I mean because it is 100 degrees outside and I hate being hot. :)

Larry has done an amazing job on his garden and he is very proud of it. It literally has every vegetable imaginable in it. Sunday after church all of our sides were composed from items from the garden.
While tending to his garden he happened to find 2 turtles. Tanner has wanted turtles for the longest time and they are actually one of the few animals we haven't owned. (You can scratch bird off of that list too.) We have what we think is a boy turtle and a girl turtle named Tuck and Ming Ming. These names are a nice break from the usual Gumball Machine.

Why yes, I assure you Ryleigh does have on shorts. Being 6 years old and wearing a size 3T with legs that go for miles makes it hard to find shorts that are long. Thankfully she doesn't wear shorts when we go off or people would think I was a terrible parent!

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Sarah said...

Wow!!! That garden is impressive. Good job Tiffany. :)