Friday, January 13, 2012

A letter to myself at 15

I know this letter will be hard to believe but here goes.

The guy that you kinda thought you may like but weren't to sure...You know, the one who made fun of you in 7th grade for being so tall and for getting on the wrong bus, yea, that guy. You kinda fall in love with him and marry him. I know, shocker.  He proposes at your graduation party so you may want to make sure you dress really cute.

The friends you have now won't mean as much to you in 10 years. I know now you think they are the world but I swear in 10 years you won't even see over half of them. So when you are left out of something, it's not the end of the world.

Your family is pretty cool after all. I know you currently think they are crazy for getting together for every little thing but in 10 year that'll be your most favorite thing about them. Your cousins actually turn out to be your best friends. I wish you would realize that at 15.

Spend more time with your Dad. Don't take him for granted. Be sure to come home from New Orleans the Father's Day Weekend after you get married. It becomes one of your favorite memories.

I know you say you don't want any kids but you currently have 2. SHOCKER! You have them young which some people think is crazy but you love it. They are actually pretty cool kids. Your daughter is just like you which drives you crazy most days but she's also beautiful and hilarious all in one. Your son is probably the most handsome boy to ever walk the planet. Seriously.

The grass across the street that you just got done cutting with scissors for punishment for calling your dad a stupid idoit....yea, that grass becomes your land. You actually build a house on it and it becomes one of your best moves.

The bank that you went in the other day to open your first was totally intimidating and scary and such a grown up thing to do. Well in 10 years you are the manager. Yep that's right, a manager of a bank. Who would have thought you would actually have a job like that. By the way you love it. Your employees rock!

One word...Facebook. You'll have a love/hate relationship with it.

Your cell phone that you think is the most high tech one that'll ever be possible to make becomes nonexistent, Apple invents a device called an iPhone. It pretty much changes the world.

Enjoy eating sugar by the pound. There's a little thing called metabolism that catches up with you. It makes you unable to eat an entire bag of reese's cups and still look the same in the morning. I know, it sucks.

Your mom still cooks dinner for you most nights. That's right, even as an adult you hate to cook. Thankfully she loves it and your husband doesn't mind.

Although now you would never think of sitting at home on a Friday night now, you will spend more Friday nights than you can count curdled up on the couch with your 3 favorite people. You'll realize those are some of your favorite moments.

You know how the thought of changing diapers makes you wanna throw up? Well, that doesn't change. Thankfully God gave you a pretty awesome husband that doesn't mind too much.

You become obsessed with having a clean house. I know that sounds crazy considering throughout your entire teenage years you may see your bedroom floor once. It's nice to walk around without tripping over stuff or spending a hour looking for something in that mess.

Your favorite book is about a wizard. I know, weird.

You have a fight with your best friend...a pretty big one and you think you'll never get over it. You do and you come out the other end a stronger person.

You are a leader in a youth group with the guy you married. You both love it. Probably because you get to act like your 16 again.

Don't give your parents such a hard time. It's not that hard to speak to your mom in the mornings. You'll realize this when your daughter does the same thing to you.

I know sometimes you can't wait to grow up, don't rush it. You're only 15 once. However, know though when your 25 your life is pretty amazing as well. You serve an awesome God, Have a great husband, 2 beautiful healthy kids and a close family you wouldn't trade for anything. Things work out pretty good for you.


Dana Durden said...

This is beautiful :) Love this idea!

Anonymous said...

What a great story! So things seem so important when you are 15,and when we get older we realize that things are not as important as we think!
You have a great life, family and I know your dad would be so proud of the woman you have become!
Mrs. DeLayne