Friday, October 21, 2011

Field Trip

This past Monday Tan Man had his field trip to Seward Farms. ABC goes every year. This year Ryan and I neither one could get off so mom said she would take him. I think she really enjoyed getting to spend some one on one time with the cutest little boy ever. He spent the night with them on Sunday and then they went Monday morning. She gets to spend more one on one time with Ryleigh since Ryleigh loves spending the night away. Tan really enjoyed mom taking him and said he had so much fun! We are actually going again tomorrow as a family so Ry will be able to go. The weather is suppose to be beautiful and I am so looking forward to it!!
 Here are some pictures from their day....

 How sweet it that little smile...he's growing up WAY to fast!

 This is Tanner's teacher, Mrs. Carter, who we ADORE!!!! Seriously we love everything about her!! I've had some major adjustments going from ABC where everyone knows you and knows your kids and basically everything about you to Ry's current school. Mrs. Carter was Ryleigh's teacher last year. I am going to miss her so much next year!!! I need her just to move up every year with Tanner. We know it takes a special teacher to have Tanner and she's just that teacher! We may actually keep him in ABC again next year instead of moving him to Turner. I just don't know if he's ready for a big school like that. But that's a different post for a different day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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