Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Told you...a lot of the same thing. :)

We took 3 boat loads of people out to Robinson Island and hung out for the day.

The kids had a ton of fun. We had a good bit of kids with us and they just played and played.

We took lunch with us so we just ate in the island.

I could lay on the raft in the water all day long. Seriously.

Tonight we went to dinner. Well there were like 12 of us and the waitress completely screwed up our order so the manager gave everyone their food for free! I was excited! A free dinner :)

Then we went to the Wharf and got ice-cream while we waited on the fireworks.

She's into getting her picture made lately. Tanner however is not. Look at this picture, he looks like he hates life.

We are so much alike it's scary!

She's so lucky to have me as her mom! Haha!

I love 4th of July! I love the beach, the fireworks, the too cute matching outfits of theirs. They are getting to not like matching but 4th of July they just have to deal with it! I told Ryan people who don't dress their kids in red, white and blue on the 4th of July are just unAmerican! :)

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